How To Attract Patients With Digital Marketing And Social Media

By Angus Pyke | Influence/Marketing , Uncategorized

Learn how to ethically use digital marketing and social media to build expertise, authority and celebrity in your community so you can predictably attract and retain high quality new patients….without upsetting AHPRA!AHPRA is the health regulation board here in Australia and they have some of the tightest advertising regulations in the world.Revealed in this blog:I’ll […]

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The Five Step Video Script

By Angus Pyke | Video

The Five Step Video Script In todays video training I want to introduce you to the 5 step video script. If you’ve ever struggled with knowing how to structure your videos, if you get overwhelmed or if you don’t know what to say  in your videos then you’re going to love the 5 step video […]

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