Can You Attract Patients Online? 

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Welcome...I teach heart centred marketing strategies to natural health and Wellnesss experts so they can attract and retain high quality new patients!

Dr Devin Atkinson


"Thanks Angus. I boosted that video for $37 over a 10 day period. I only sent them to my website (didn’t even create a landing page, yet). I was only hoping to get more views to retarget them later. I ended up with 3 new high quality patients! 1 of them is an executive at 1 of the hospital systems in the area and he said he was going to drive an hour away because that is where the only in network chiropractor is located but he came to us because his wife said that ”you guys are all over social media.” So thank you for the help."

Let Me Guide You Towards Becoming The Trusted Health Advisor In Your Community, So Patients Will Naturally Want To Choose You First!

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What Others Are Saying.

"I've been telling people for over a decade now that online video is the best way to position yourself as an Expert, Celebrity and Authority in your marketplace. With online video, people get to know, like and trust and build rock solid relationships with you before you ever meet them face to face. Too many people over complicate video's rather simple when you know what to do and how to do it.  Angus's training is one of the best I've ever seen. You'll be making high quality videos that educate and entertain people in no time flat. You'll become a literal new patient magnet that new patient prospects can't wait to call!"     Chris Burfield.

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