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The chiropractor’s guide to creating a Facebook business page

Written by Ellie Bakker, Marketing Director – Splice Marketing

Move over Google Doctor, Facebook Doctor is the latest trend in healthcare education and marketing! That’s right, Facebook is being used for more than posting cappuccino art and cat videos. And when used correctly, it can be a powerful marketing tool for chiropractors and chiropractic practices. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Connecting with new clients
  • Retention of clients
  • Brand awareness and exposure
  • Enhancing your search engine optimisation
  • Providing unique insights into clients and their behaviours—translating to more authentic relationships.

As a specialised healthcare marketing agency, Splice Marketing has created and tested Facebook pages for many allied health clients. Below are our top tips for setting up and maximising Facebook for improved outcomes for your practice.

For those who already have a Facebook business page, jump to Step Three for tips on how to take your page to the next level.

1.   Before you get started

Personal Facebook account

Like any business, Facebook has rules we need to follow. In order to create a business page, you first must have a personal Facebook account so the two can be connected. Without this, you risk having your business page shut down.

In saying that, you can create a business-only page that doesn’t require connection to a personal account, but this will limit what you can/cannot do.

Splice Marketing tip: Follow Facebook’s guide on how to set up your personal Facebook page. The practice owner should be the one to connect their personal profile to the business page. This mitigates the risk of employees leaving and taking your Facebook IP with them.

2.   Setting up a Facebook business page

Go to to get started. Facebook will walk you through the steps with videos and screenshots, so we won’t reinvent the wheel.

Here are a few things to remember:
Splice Marketing tip: Be sure to select ‘Local Business or Place’; in ‘Subcategory’, type ‘Chiropractor’.

Splice Marketing tip: When adding your business name, be sure to use the name of your practice. If you want to be more specific with local targeting, add the location after your practice name, for example: Chiropractic Care, Brisbane [Business Name, Location].

3.   Housekeeping

Congratulations! You’ve now got a blank Facebook page canvas but before you go any further, we recommend some important housekeeping tasks.

About’ section

Think of the ‘About’ section on Facebook like the ‘About us’ page on your website. Tell the prospective clients who you are, where you are located, share your mission statement, what services you provide and your unique point of difference.
If one of your marketing objectives is client attraction, add relevant keywords including “Chiropractor”, “Chiropractic” or symptom-based keywords such as “Back pain” and “Neck pain”. Visit our example Facebook page – Chiropractors Marketing Tips for more ideas.
Remember that Google is drawn to keywords so optimising your business Facebook page will boost exposure when clients use certain keywords during a search.

 Splice Marketing tip: Once you have over 100 followers, we recommend you create a username. By adding a username, you will create a branded URL for your Facebook page: [ Name-Location].

To do this, go to the ‘About’ section > ‘General’ > ‘Username’. The benefits of this step are greater brand consistency and brand recognition across your online channels. Please note, Facebook won’t allow you to create a username until you have reached 100 followers.

Privacy policy

It’s important to link the privacy policy on your website with your Facebook page. Your privacy policy should explain how you collect and use client information.
Splice Marketing tip: For Australian audiences, refer to AHPRA and their social media policy for more information.

Client messages

By default, Facebook allows followers the ability to contact a business through Messenger. This is a great feature if your Facebook page is monitored regularly and a staff member is trained and responsible for responding to Facebook enquires.

Our recommendation is to disable this feature so that clients can only contact your practice by calling or clicking your “call to action” button. To disable, click ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > ‘Messages’ > untick ‘Allow people to contact my page privately by showing the Message button’ > ‘Save Changes’.

Profanity filter

Be sure to turn the profanity filter to ‘Strong’ to ensure that inappropriate or offensive content is not posted on your page. To do this, click ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > ‘Profanity’ > ‘Strong’ > ‘Save Changes’.

Patient reviews

For Australian chiropractors, industry rules and regulations restrict the ability for reviews or testimonials on your pages. To turn off this setting, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Edit Page’ > ‘Reviews’ > ‘Turn off”.

4.   Content

Now the foundations of your page are set up, it’s time to connect with clients through branded content, posts and images. Below are Splice Marketing’s top recommendations for creating and posting engaging and effective content.

 It’s all about branding

Make sure your Facebook page feels like an extension of your website. Upload your logo as the profile photo and create a cover photo that uses similar colours and images. The goal is to make your clients move seamlessly from your Facebook page to your website.

Splice Marketing tip: You may need to get your designer to resize your logo so it fits within the allocated size: 180px by 180px. Your cover photo should be 815px by 315px.

“To thank you for reading our article, contact Splice Marketing and we will create your Facebook cover image for FREE”

Post for engagement!

Your ultimate goal with every Facebook post:

  • To add value to your brand. Post content such as your team presenting, staff announcements, industry news, topical and factual symptom-based content, exciting news about your practice. In general, only post content that reflects your brand and what you stand for.
  • To generate a response from your followers – like, reaction, comment or share.
  • Take action and either visit your website to learn more or call your practice to book an appointment.

Our top tips for engagement:

  1. Keyword-rich posts. In each of your posts, use keywords likely to be searched by your clients. This will help with organic reach.
  2. Use relevant, interesting images that complement the content of your posts.
  3. Structure your posts. Create a headline that draws people in and follow with the body of content.
  4. Lead with a hook! Pull a quote from the article you’re sharing or an interesting statistic, anything that will hook your audience into wanting to read more.
  5. Ask a question. “Do you agree with…?” “Would you rather…?” “Have you ever…?”. This provides a strong start to creating engaging content that Facebook users will actually take the time to answer.
  6. Encourage engagement, and provide instructions on how to engage. Take your question one step further and explain to readers what it is that you want them to do, e.g. ‘Click “like” if you agree…’ or ‘Describe this photo in one word in the comments below…’.
  7. Write for your local area. Are people sports-mad or are the majority young parents? Consider what chiropractic information these groups would be interested in hearing about.

5.   Where to from here?

Now you’ve mastered the steps and created a great Facebook business page, it’s up to you to keep the momentum going. Remember, social media is ‘social’ so posting at least once a week is important. Keep it regular, engaging and reflective of your brand and what you offer.

Grow your Facebook followers by encouraging clients to ‘Like’ your Facebook page, and send an email to your client list to let them know you’re on Facebook. For more advanced users, run a Facebook page likes promotion.
For more Facebook tips or information on building your chiropractic brand, client attraction and retention activities or further marketing advice, visit our website:
Let us know if you found this article useful, and how we can help you grow your business. Drop us an email at

Ellie is the Director of Marketing for Splice Marketing – a specialist healthcare marketing agency in Australia.

Ellie is an experienced marketing consultant specialising in healthcare marketing. She has supported medical and healthcare professionals for a number of years and has seen many of the same frustrations healthcare professionals face when it comes to marketing. Luckily, with her blend of strategic, analytical and creative thinking, expertise in marketing and her knowledge of the online patient journey, she has discovered some of the most profitable and successful ways to put healthcare professionals in front of their patients.

Ellie is your go to for all your healthcare marketing needs.




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