The Most Important Ingredient In A Profitable, Impactful And Enjoyable Practice


In this episode Tony and Angus discuss “Insurance proofing your practice.” Too many practices are far too reliant on third party payments and the thought of losing insurance coverage would make many practitioners' skin crawl. There is a way you can step away from third party payers and run a cash based practice based on you being seen as the expert and have people lining up to come and see you.

In this episode you’ll learn…

- The 6 practice multipliers and how you can position yourself as an expert.

- The one thing you must be doing to have your content watched by your community. 

- How to future proof your practice, so you don’t have to rely on insurance.

- What to do right now if your insurance coverage is being taken away.

- and lots more…

Our over burdened health care system is failing because of a continual focus on drugs and surgery rather than addressing the primary drive of illness - lifestyle. 

Adio Media is leading a health care revolution by showing/teaching alternate health and fitness experts (the leaders of lifestyle healthcare) expert/authority branding and marketing strategies so they can flood their practice with high quality new patients, creating healthier and happier communities.

Angus and Tony