Ep75. Branding with Purpose. Jake Grinaker

By Angus Pyke

Imagine creating such a strong brand that when someone thought of chiropractic (or naturopathy, Chinese medicine etc) they thought of YOU.

Todays guest, Dr Jake Grinaker has made that his reality.  Dr. Jake has arguably one of the most successful practices (and lives) in the chiropractic  profession. A few short years ago that was not the case.

Jake has created an unparalleled brand in Fargo, North Dakota where literally when people think chiropractic they think “Strive.”

He is not only a marketing genius, but also a systems guru and master of recognizing talent and developing a well-rounded, committed team.

In this episode of the Marketing Your Practice Podcast we talk about Branding with Purpose: The 5 Practical Keys to making your brand work for you!

Here’s an overview:

  1. Anchored … Is your brand well defined, specific?
  2. Certain … Are you OOZING your brand?
  3. Long Game Mentality … Are you setting up your brand up for success 10 years from now?
  4. Short Game Hustle … Are you working as if tomorrow depends on it?
  5. Pour IN … Let your tribe push your brand.

Hope you enjoy this action packed and deep episode.

Thanks for all you do.

Keep saving lives


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I am Dr. Jake Grinaker and I reside in Fargo, ND, with the love of my life, Brittany, and our 4 amazing kids, Merik, Ryker, Finnley, and Crosby. I am blessed and fortunate enough to be the Founder and CEO of Strive Chiropractic which has grown into a multiple location clinic system. Together with Brittany, we have also launched The Strive Foundation (currently acting as The Strive Fund through DMF) and Strive Properties (a commercial and residential property company). I also feel incredibly proud of the consulting work I do with Epic Practice as a master coach to help other chiropractors develop the practice and more importantly, the life they deserve!

Jake Grinaker  //  CEO of Strive Chiropractic