Ep73. Posture, Alignment and Taking Your Message To The Masses. Cynthia Boccara

On this weeks Episode of the Marketing Your Practice Podcast I chat with the AMAZING (yep…I’m yelling it) Cynthia Boccara.

Cynthia is passionate about teaching experts (like you) to better share their messages and I just love what she has to say!

We had a fabulous chat about the impact that posture and body language has on the effectiveness of us getting our message across.   I’ll be the first to admit that I often focus way too much on my content but I forget that 90% of all communication is NON VERBAL.

Cynthia reveals the three things we should be thinking about before communicating any message and has some great strategies  on helping to BOOST those happy chemicals before we even open our mouths. (this is super helpful if you’re a nervous communicator)

In this episode you’ll also discover some great tips on how to boost confidence, impact and help you get better results from your communication.

Hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.

Thanks for all you do.

Keep saving lives.


Ep73. Posture, Alignment & Taking Your Message To The Masses.Cynthia Boccara

Dr. Cynthia has worked with entrepreneurs and thought leaders for the past 30 years, empowering them to lead happier and healthier lives and to use their bodies to project confidence, credibility, and charisma. Olympic athletes, America's Cup teams, Leaders of companies such as Dell Software and Southern California Edison hire her to create better performance and resiliency.

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