Ep70. Lessons Learnt From Visiting a Chinese Med Practitioner. Angus Pyke

Welcome back to another stackable episode of the Marketing Your Practice Podcast

So, in todays episode I chat a little about the 6 practice multipliers and share a “not so great” experience I had recently with a visit to a Chinese Med Practitioner.

The 6 Practice multipliers are a framework that originally Dr Tony and I put together as a blueprint to run a profitable, predictable and enjoyable practice.  You can find out more about these in Ep18.

Practice multiplier 1 is Be Great At What You Do.  There’s two parts to this practice multiplier

  1. Be great technically i.e can you help your patients get a result
  2. Be great with your communication and inter human skills.

Too often as practitioners we spend all our time focused on being technically great but as I experienced with my visit to the Chinese Med Practitioner ignoring great communication can completely overshadow great technicals skills.

Listen in to find out more.

As always, thanks for you do.

Keep saving lives.



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