Brandon Lucero – How To Effortlessly Build Influence, Trust and Authority In Your Community.

This week we sat down with video whiz Brandon Lucero and discussed how to effortlessly build influence, trust and authority in your community.

You'll learn the importance and the exact steps to position yourself as a Thought Leader.

Brandon shares his strategy on what kind of content to create and what kind of content is a complete waste of time...this really surprised us!

Find out why making "how to videos" is not the fasting way to attracting loyal followers. 

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

- One of the most powerful perspective changes you need to make so you can make a bigger difference in your community. 

- How Brandon went from dead broke, living in his in-laws house to a 7-figure online business.

- How To get your following to truly support you on your mission.

- The true power of video when used correctly to build a tribe of followers that are inspired to take action. 

- and lots more…

Brandon has been a part of numerous web-based companies over the last 8 years. He started early by building, growing and selling websites while attending UC Irvine. Some of those sites were even reaching 20,000 unique visitors in a day. With a wide portfolio ranging from humor to information sites he has bought, created, flipped, and developed numerous sites throughout his time in college. After leaving UC Irvine, he began working for a video marketing company and a local daily deal site based in Southern California. He quickly became VP of Production at the video marketing company where he held that position for 3 years before starting Since founding he has been helping small businesses increase their local advertising through video marketing, while keeping it extremely affordable. When not at the offices working on his or clients businesses, Brandon enjoys backpacking, mountain biking, cycling, camping, running, watching movies, and hiking.


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