Ep98. This Tactic Will Help You Share Your Message. Angus Pyke

Breaking through the noise might be the single biggest marketing challenge that we face.  When the average person opens their social media platforms there are 1000’s of messages just waiting to be thrust in front of them.  To make matters worse…the bosses of these social media platforms are making it even more difficult for posts from business pages to be seen….cue the tiny violins  LOL!

Luckily for US, there is a secret weapon that most practitioners are continuing to ignore…


Did you know:

  1. You’re 6 times more likely to get a click through from an email than you are from a social media post
  2. Your message is 5 times more likely to be seen in email than facebook
  3. When it comes to purchases (making an apt) as a result of receiving a marketing message..email has a much higher conversion rate
  4. YOU own the connection with this audience NOT the social media platform.

In todays episode I’ll show you how to use email to improve the results of your marketing.

Thanks for all you do

Keep saving lives



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