Ep72. Which is better, Promotional or Value Marketing?Angus Pyke

Most of marketing can be broken down into two categories…Promotional Marketing and Value Marketing.

There’s been ongoing debate amongst marketing nerds around the globe for decades about which is better and in this episode I share my thoughts.

Hint…they’re both great…you just need to know when to use them!

Promotional marketing is driven by discounts and scarcity i.e We’re offering 10 initial consultations for just $47.   Promotional marketing is FABULOUS at getting people to take action.  However, the quality of patients that come from this kind are marketing don’t tend to be of the highest quality!

Value driven marketing is all about…you guessed it…giving value first.  It’s often referred to as content marketing and is built upon the incredible power of reciprocity.

Value driven marketing takes longer to set up and see results but when the results do come trickling in then it’s AMAZING.

In this episode I also share a fascinating study about the power of reciprocity and layout a blueprint for how you can take advantage of one of the oldest neurobiological forms of influence.

Hope you enjoy.

Thanks for all you do!

Keep saving lives!



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