Becoming The Expert In Your Community with Nat Kringoudis


Would you like to be seen as the expert in your community?  Would you like to have more people coming to you for your knowledge and expertise?

In this episode of the Marketing Your Practice Podcast, Angus and Tony chatted with Nat Kringoudis - a Chinese Med Practiceioner, best selling author, podcaster, coach and mentor. Nat shares her path (the good bad and the ugly) - how she went from inside the four walls of her practice, to now being an international recognised expert in the field of womens health and fertility. 

You'll learn...

- The steps Nat took to become a true Community Influencer.

- What not to do if you want to be seen as the expert in your community.

- How a specific shift in mindset could be the difference of you becoming a patient magnet. 

- How to get your target audience right. 

- and much much more...

Nat Kringoudis is a Dr of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncturist and Best Selling Author.  She’s also the owner of The Pagoda Tree, a hub for natural fertility & women’s health in Australia.

She recgonised the large gap between conventional medicine and supporting wellness and has developed a unique style to women’s natural health care – integrating the western medical approach with alternative therapies, Chinese medicine and natural fertility methods.  

Natalie has accepted the task of inspiring wellness, not only to those embarking on becoming parents, but equally important to her, educating young women of how their choices shape their reproductive health.  She believes this is the key to addressing the infertility epidemic.  For Natalie, fertility isn’t just about babies, it’s about outstanding health.  Her knowledge in fertility and natural medicine regularly features in her column in Australian Natural Health magazine, in major publications, including Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan as well as regular TV appearances as a wellness expert for the Today Show & The Morning Show. She is also a two times best selling author, her latest achievement Well & Good helping women to understand and support their hormones through their lifestyle.