Chad Woolner – How To Implement A Successful Marketing Funnel

By Tony Rose

In this episode Tony and Angus sat down with Chad Woolner and discussed how to fill your practice using marketing funnels. c Are you confused about what a  funnel is? What’s the best funnel to implement? What’s working right now? These questions and more, are answered in this episode of the Marketing Your Practice Podcast. 

In this episode you’ll learn….

- Which marketing funnels you should be using to promote your practice.

- How storytelling can vastly improve your results

- How the simple framework of Hook, Story, Offer will skyrocket your marketing efforts.

- How to use your own experiences to enhance your marketing.

- and lots, lots more.

Dr. Woolner is a full time chiropractor and the leading expert on marketing funnels for Chiropractors.  Over the past few years he has perfected the process of attracting high quality new patients into his practice and hundreds of other chiropractic practices throughout the world. 

Dr. Woolner’s passion is helping to awaken within every chiropractor their innate ability to create successful practices. He does this by teaching effective marketing strategies through using online funnels. He creates ac-tion taking, dream making, never faking, limit breaking Chirofunnel Experts! He is the go to guy for creating funnels that effectively attract & convert high quality new patients