Tony Ebel – How To Fill Your Practice Using Facebook.


In this episode of The Marketing Your Practice Podcast we had a fabulous chat with Dr Tony Ebel about on how he attracts 30-80 high quality new patients every month using Facebook.

Buckle up because you're about to get the strategy and tactics for a successful patient attracting social media campaign.

Tony, in his high energy, passionate way will give you the keys to the kingdom regarding Facebook.

In this episode you’ll learn:

- What the number one factor is to making sure your Facebook ad campaign works.

- How Tony gets 30-80 people at his workshop EVERY month

- How much time and effort it takes to produce awesome results.

- What percentage of Workshop attendees make appointments for care.

- and much, much, much, much more.

Dr. Tony Ebel is a Pediatric and Wellness Certified Chiropractor who specializes in and has extensive education, experience, and passion in neuro-developmental disorders and other special needs cases, as well as general pediatric, pregnancy, and family wellness care. Dr. Tony truly runs and operates his dream practice (one of the largest pediatric practices in the county) or what he also now terms “the practice of the future” for chiropractic.

Partnering with Dr. David Jackson, Dr. Tony co-created the first ever online pediatric training program, Epic Pediatrics. He again joined with Dr. Jackson and his incredible practice-building and training program, Epic Accelerators, as an Epic Coach. Having himself benefited tremendously from his 3 years as an Epic Accelerator Client, it was time for him to simply turn around and “lend a hand up” to as many chiropractors as possible in this area as well.

Tony's amazing wife Kristina keeps his craziness in check, three incredibly beautiful and gifted daughters Addison, Alaina, and Emilia, and an amazing little boy Oliver who himself went through “the perfect storm” spending 6 weeks in the NICU with a very grave prognosis of seizures and severe neurological damage and delays, only to come through that with zero seizures or developmental delays thanks to the early application of Pediatric Chiropractic. He is a health and wellness “junkie” who loves CrossFit, reading and learning, spending time with his family, and sports.