Keree Bradshaw – How To Move From Practitioner To Leader.

By Tony Rose

Would you like to step up as a leader? Do you feel like you have amore to give? In this episode Tony and Angus sat down with Keree Bradshaw and discussed the concept of going from Practitioner to Leader and how that can get you real influence in your community. 

In this episode you’ll learn…

- The key steps to becoming a leader of influence 

- The number one factor that holds people back from truly leading

- Simple tricks to have you starting your day right

- The OSG Mindset and how it can help you channel your energy in the right direction for success. 

….and lots more.

As an ambassador and action leader of health and wellbeing in business and in you - my focus is how I can influence a growing wellbeing culture and sustainable success. As a Business Coach supporting systems culture strategy and growth – I serve SME clients within health and social-mission-based distribution industries both in Australia and New Zealand - empowering leaders with clarity of purpose and certainty of their steps of influence and success. This could be working across the complete Organisation Chart of the SME, as well as specific customer facing promotional & marketing responsibilities. The collective influence of these SME’s to generate a greater wave of wellbeing across our globe is compounding.  My coaching touches businesses and... people just being people. Helping both express their full potential.

Academic accreditations of Diploma of Business Management teamed with Advanced Diploma of Life Coaching, Master Practitioner of NLP creates the unique prospective to enterprise wellbeing.