Marcus Pearce: How To Reach The Masses With Podcasting


Angus and Tony sat down with Marcus Pearce and chatted all things podcasting. Should you, as a health professional be running a podcast? Is it an effective way to market yourself, to build trust, authority and expertise? Marcus, having overseen over 2000 podcasts, makes his case why you SHOULD be hosting your own podcast. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

- The easy way to “be everywhere” by repurposing your content. 

- How long should your content be for each audience.

- Podcasting can be easy or hard depending how you approach it.

- How to come up with content for your podcast.

- and much much more….

Marcus Pearce

I never thought I would grow up to be helping people live exceptional lives. In my former life I was a sports-mad workaholic journalist, radio and television producer. That life included an obsession with AFL football, which led me to create The Run Home on Victorian all-sports station SEN 1116, and work as an associate producer at Channel Nine’s The Footy Show. That life also included years as a smoking, binge-drinking, overweight, pimply statistic waiting to happen.

Today I find myself inspired to teach people the difference between mediocrity andexceptional living. I do this through my podcasts, blogs, online programs, coaching, live events, webinars and so on. I’m big on teaching people not to silently approve what we read in the papers and online, watch on TV and listen to on the radio.

Instead, I’m about relentlessly challenging people to be their own person, their own“scientific researcher”, their own creator ofhealth, so that they can live their life on their own terms and not someone else’s.

On a personal note I reside just outside of Byron Bay with my angel sent from heaven Sarah and our three beautiful children, Maya, Darby and Tommy. I’m the eldest of three (I have two wonderful sisters, Olivia and Georgia) and live within a functionally blended family including step-parents, step-siblings and so on.

I wear two professional hats – one as the founder of the Exceptional Life Blueprint – an 8-step process to creating a magnificent life – and CEO of The Wellness Couch podcast network, Australia’s #1 podcast network with over 1.5 million annual downloads. I’m involved with two podcasts on The Wellness Couch – one as host of Your Exceptional Life, and the second as co-host one of those podcasts, ‘100Not Out’ . I also co-hosted Inside The Champion’s Mind alongside Laurence Tham for80+ episodes.