Allan Dib – How To Create A Marketing Plan

In this episode Tony and Angus sat down with best selling author Alan Dib and discussed his book the 1 Page Marketing Plan.  Allan will walk you through a brilliant process that simplify and excite you about marketing.  His step by step process will have you producing a 1 page marketing plan that will help you attract high quality patients into your practice.

In this episode you’ll learn

  • How to communicate in away that makes your ads irresistible
  • How to get your patients to stop scrolling through social media and say “this is for me”
  • The three keys to choosing your optimal target market…loved this!
  • Why our patients aren’t really buying pain relief and what you should offer them instead.
  • and so much more!!

Successwise was founded by Allan Dib. Allan is a serial entrepreneur, rebellious marketer, technology expert and #1 bestselling author.

He has started, grown and successfully exited multiple businesses in various industries.

One of his previous businesses was in the hyper-competitive telecommunications industry, where he faced heated competition from multibillion-dollar, multinational competitors. In four years, Allan grew this business from a startup to being named by Business Review Weekly(BRW) as one of Australia’s fastest-growing companies—earning a spot on the coveted BRW Fast 100 list.


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