Episode 22 – Carren Smith: How to put together to perfect presentation! Taking your message from ONE to ONE to ONE to MANY.


Angus and Tony sat down with the wonderful Carren Smith and spoke about how to put together an impactful, engaging and motivating presentation that will have audiences wanting to work with you. Carren shared a structure that will help you put together a presentation that you can use online, onstage or in print.  You’ll  discover how to communicate inside the listening styles of your audience so you can sky rocket your reach. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

- How to structure an introduction that’s personalised to your audience

- The four parts every presentation needs to have if you’re to motivate and engage your audience.

- Why our audiences disengage and get bored with our presentations.

- How to overcome the fear of public speaking

- and much much more….