Ep116. How To Get More Of What You Want In Life. Josh Wagner

Do you ever feel stuck, unsatisfied, unproductive or just like you can never get what you want in life? If you answered yes…then firstly you’re NOT alone and secondly you’re going to love this episode of the Marketing Your Practice Podcast.

Todays guest is Dr Josh Wagner and he’s just released his new book called “You Deserve It. The Missing Answer To The Life You Want”.

Limiting beliefs and a lack of worthiness often leads to self sabotage and this is often the underlying reason why so many of us struggle in aspects of our life. 

In this weeks episode Josh explains that until we’re able to identify, clear up and reprogram these limiting beliefs then progressing in life can be very difficult.

Josh shares the source of many of these beliefs and walks me through a 3 step process to help put these limiting beliefs behind us.

Go and check it out now.

Thanks for all you do.

Keep saving lives


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Dr. Josh Wagner created The Deserving Process which can be found at DrJoshWagner.com

He also teaches Chiropractors to become the most referred to, sought after and respected doctors in town. His teachings, videos and events can be found at PatientMastery.com.

Josh Wagner  //  www.drjoshwagner.com


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