Ep115. Why Most Practitioners Fail To Attract Patients On Social Media. John Meese

Ok…so let me tell you why this episode of the Marketing Your Practice Podcast is a must listen:

  • you’ll learn exactly what a personal brand is and why it’s essential for the growth of your practice.
  • you’ll discover the important difference between strategy and tactics.
  • you’ll find out why using social media without strategy is a waste of time and effort.
  • we’ll share what to do to make your social media a success
  • and if you’re confused and overwhelmed about the entire concept of choosing a “niche” audience, we’ll provide clarity and show you exactly where to start.

Today’s guest is John Meese, the Dean of Platform University. John leads a team focused on simplifying online marketing for professionals and runs three successful businesses (including a coworking space that is walking distance from his house). John’s passion is teaching entrepreneurs and busy professionals like you how to systemise their business and build an engaged online audience.

Go and check it out now!

Thanks for all you do.

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John Meese is on a mission to eradicate poverty, and views entrepreneurs as the most effective vehicle for world-wide change. As a result, he’s made it his personal mission to systemize success for entrepreneurs so they can’t help but succeed! John leads a team focused on simplifying online marketing for professionals as the Dean of Platform University, a multimillion-dollar online community started by Michael Hyatt in 2013.

 John lives in Columbia, Tennessee, with his wife and three beautiful children, and runs three successful businesses (including a coworking space walking distance from his house). While you won’t find him on social media, you can find him on his own blog, johnmeese.com, in addition to the training content he regularly publishes at platformuniversity.com.

John Meese  //  www.platformuniversity.com.


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