Martin Harvey: Communication Mastery

By Tony Rose | Uncategorized

Practice Multiplier 6, Building life time relationships is one of the keys to a thriving practice. when our patients return to see us again and again, it helps them get better results and takes us of the hamster wheel of being dependent on new patients every week. Angus and Tony sat down with Dr Martin Harvey this week to talk about what causes our patients to stop listening and how exactly do we go about building lifetime relationships. Martin has spent the past 20 years investigating why people do what they do and how we can ethically influence our patients to help them get the results they really want. After years of diving into the influence literature he developed a brilliant communication model that helps you to meet your patients where they are while providing a road map to move them to elevated levels of health and wellness.

In this episode you’ll learn

⁃Why people do what they do

⁃How things have changed in patient communication in the past 20 years

⁃Why simply telling your patient doesn’t work…Martin will tell you what to do instead.

⁃The communication mistakes that many of us make each day that are repelling our patients

⁃and much much more.