The Major Factor In Going From Struggling to Global Empire

By Tony Rose | Uncategorized


Angus and Tony sat down with Dr Mark Wade and spoke about practice multiplier no 2, which is all about breaking through the noise by focusing on one particular audience. We chatted about why practitioners have difficulty choosing a niche and Marks shares his thoughts to help you get over the hurdles. You’ll hear Marks number one strategy for bringing profit and enjoyment into your practice and you’ll find out why you don’t have to know it all become an expert in your community.

In this episode you’ll learn: – Why trying to do everything actually decreases your impact in your community – Why specialising is the key to you seeing more people, being more profitable and improving practice enjoyment. – The most important factor you must consider when choosing what audience to focus on…(it’s got nothing to do with $$$) – Why you don’t need to wait until you know it all to begin – and much much more