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Attract and Retain High Quality Patients and Bring Your Dream Practice To Life By Becoming The Expert Your Community Is Desperately Searching For!

You're meant for more than this...

You've heard that inner voice, it whispers sometimes and other times it yells but either way it's there all the time..."you're meant for more than this.."

You see a community suffering, desperately searching for that you have!

Sure you love working one on one with your patients but it can be tiring and unpredictable, especially when not working with your dream clients. You want to find a heart centred way to attract more of the right kind of people into your practice.

Or perhaps ready to take you message outside the four walls of your practice by developing your first online program - but you haven't figured out how to turn this into a profitable, predictable and sustainable business.

You love idea of positioning yourself as the go to thought leading health expert, but you're not even sure where to start and besides there’s too much to do and never enough time!

Let's face it, things have changed.

Now with a few strokes of a keyboard or a simple video shot on you iPhone you can reach millions...if you know how!

But the time is now!  

If you don’t already have a digital marketing strategy in place for your website and social media, you’re missing a tremendous opportunity to reach and engage with your patients.

Your community is dying for your help.

Modern medicine has done many great things but let's face it...they've failed dismally when it comes to many of modern epidemic of chronic illness (diseases of lifestyle). 

For the second year running the CDC has released figures showing that longevity is on the decline. 

Clearly the solution to this is NOT more drugs and surgery.

But who's telling your community where real health comes from?

What your community needs is guidence to return to the basics...good nutrition, rest, stress management and care of the human frame.

And that's where you come in. 

As allied health practitioners we have the solution that people are literally dying to hear.

But breaking through noise can be difficult.

The most important thing you can do.

Digital marketing experts estimate that our communities are exposed to somewhere between 4,000 - 10,000 advertisements each day.

If you are to break through that noise then you need to become a master of getting your messages heard.

Every time a potential patient reads the headline of your article or watch the introduction of your video, they immediately need to be able to say to themselves - “this is for me.”

Marketing great Frank Kern once said  “ positioning yourself as an authority, is the single most important thing you can do to increase your perceived value to the market place.”

…and on that same topic Dan Kennedy, the Godfather of Marketing, had this to say, “The simple truth is, if you aren’t deliberately, systematically, methodically…. establishing yourself as a celebrity, at least to your clientele and target market, you’re asleep at the wheel”

It's not your fault

We totally get it, it's easy to get overwhelmed and it's hard to know where to get started.

But it's not your fault.

Management and business guru Peter Drucker says that business (practice) only has two basic and innovation.

Now...think back to all those thousands of hours you spent studying to get your many of them did you spend learning about marketing and innovation?

Our guess is none

Or even worse perhaps  you've been told again and again that if you want to build a thriving practice then all you have to do is take great care of people and let the rest will look after itself. 

Or…perhaps you’ve been to seminars and heard charismatic speakers from the stage telling you that “If You Build It..They Will Come”.   Now, while that line makes for a great movie, it’s lousy business advice that is littered with failure. 

IMPORTANT: Let me be clear…we're not suggesting that you don’t need to be awesome at what you do, that’s a fact we're suggesting that you be world class.  What we are suggesting is that being awesome JUST ISN’T ENOUGH.

Here’s what best selling author and marketing wiz Alan Dib had to say on the matter:

“Many business owners fool themselves into thinking that if their product is excellent, the market will buy. History is littered with technically superior products that commercially failed. A few examples include Betamax, The Newton and LaserDisc to name just a few. Good, even great, products are simply not enough. Marketing must be one of your major activities if you’re to have business success. Therefore we need to clearly understand an important concept: a good product or service is a customer retention tool. If we give our customers a great product or service experience they’ll buy more from us, they’ll refer other people to us and build up the brand through positive word of mouth. However, before customer retention, we need to think about customer acquisition (AKA marketing).”

Sadly, unless you have a strategic heart centred marketing plan to predictably attract in high new patients, your impact and practice growth will be limited, slow and frustrating.

You've got 2 choices

The way we see it, you’ve got 2 options.  

We're huge fans of the movie The Matrix and as we're giving you this choice of two options, our over dramatic minds are imagining the conversation between Morpheus and Neo as he gives him the choice of the red pill or the blue pill.

After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.  “

Morpheus - The Matrix

Option 1 (Blue Pill)…

Ignore the changing healthcare landscape, stick your head in the sand, complain to your friends about how hard the regulatory bodies and others are making it for us and then prey to the new patients gods every night before going to bed.

Option 2 (Red Pill)…

Realise that almost everything that you’ve learnt about how to grow a sustainable, profitable and predictable health care practice has been wrong.  Recognise that these changing times presents new opportunities to learn, adapt and then reap the rewards of being one of the early adopters and get on board the biggest wave to have swept health care in the past 100 years. 

If you’re brave enough to choose option 2 then please read on…

Welcome To Community Influencer. Here's What You'll Get Inside.

The Complete Digital Marketing And Community Influence Strategy For Natural Health Practitioners.

Email Marketing



Expert Positioning

Social Engagement


Website Optimisation

Goal Setting

1:1 coaching

Productivity Training

Content Marketing

Market Research

Whether you're  wanting a heart centred way to attract more higher quality new patients, take your message to the world or finally build that predictable, profitable and sustainable practice you've always dreamed of, Community Influencer can help. 

The Community Influencer membership is made up of an exclusive community of allied health practitioners committed to revolutionising the health care system, building healthier communities and  getting more out of their life and practices. 


  • 1
    The Community Influencer Funnel. 5 Modules 23 Videos.  Valued at $1997  
  • 2
    Video Influence. 4 Modules 25 Videos.  Valued at $1497 
  • 3
    The Mobile Video Blueprint For Health Professionals. 3 Modules 15 Videos.  Valued at $397  
  • 4
    The Live Streaming Blueprint For health Professionals.  6 Modules 27 Videos.  Valued at $397

For just $147 a month you'll get instant access to over $4000 worth of trainings.

 The four foundational courses of the Community Influencer program are comprised of more than 50 deep dive training videos designed to teach you exactly what  you need to know to build a profitable, predictable, sustainable and enjoyable practice.

You'll gain the skills necessary to position yourself as the authority in your community.  You'll discover how to attract a better quality of patient as well as learn cutting edge strategies to sky rocket retention and boost referrals.

1:1 Personal Coaching

Everyone's path is different. So to help accelerate your growth, we can custom make a practice growth blueprint for YOU. All members inside the Community Influence program get access to a private coaching thread with us where we’ll work one on one with you on your business whenever you need.

  • Brainstorm content creation ideas
  • Have your marketing material reviewed
  • Get assistance with your social media advertising campaigns


Join a community full of like minded practitioners all with the goal of being their best and helping their communities.  You'll be welcomed into a community of support, collaboration & friendship

Live "Office Hours" Calls With Angus and Tony

Want to speak with us in person, do you have an important questions, would you like want a video reviewed or some advice on product creation? We're here to help! Twice a month we'll get on a video conference call to tackle your toughest questions, show you the way forward or just put you in the hot seat. Can't make worries, everything is recorded.

Here's What You'll Learn Inside Community Influencer

1. Find The People You Love To Work With.

You'll learn how to break through the noise and communicate with the people who are looking for your help. 

The community influencer program is ALL about creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire high quality new patients.

Understanding your audience is the foundation where this all begins. 

Important:  What is valuable and relevant depends on who we’re talking to...valuable and relevant content for a new mum with back pain is different to valuable and relevant content for an elite athlete with back pain.

In short, instead of pitching your products or services, you are delivering information that makes your patient’s lives better.  (We'll show you how to do this in the next module)

  • You'll learn why understanding your audience is the foundation to growing your community influence
  • We'll introduce you to the Niche test and you'll learn the two keys when choosing who to focus on 
  • We'll answer common I don't know who to focus on or I don't want to focus on just one group. 
  • You'll discover why focusing on prevention and wellness often makes marketing and community influence very difficult...don't worry we'll show you exactly what to do instead. 

The essence of the community influence strategy is the belief that if we, as health practitioners, deliver consistent, ongoing valuable information to our community, they ultimately reward us with their business and loyalty.

And...this all begins with KNOWING you audience.

Downloadable Templates/ Resources

2. Create The Right Kind Of Content So You Can Build Trust Authority and Expertise.

We'll show you how to stand out from the crowd by creating magnetic content that attracts high quality patients.

In this Module we’re talking all about content creation.  

You’ll find out how effortlessly create content that positions you and your practice as the go to health experts in your community.

You'll learn how to build massive amounts of trust in your community so you'll never have to worry about where the next new patients is coming from.

You'll discover the steps to positioning your practice so patients naturally choose you first.


Trust is something that is sadly missing in many marketing programs and TRUST is more important than EVER in health care

I'll introduce you to three frameworks that makes sure every time you're creating content that it furthers you down the pathway of increased trust, authority, expertise and even celebrity. 

  • We'll introduce you to the triangle of trust and you'll learn the content hierarchy and the essential ingredient that all you content must include. 
  • Effortlessly create high quality content with our fill in blanks downloadable content frameworks.
  • We'll reveal the importance of creating results in advance and show you a way to design content that will help to progress your patient towards their ideal outcome.
  • Discover the essential ingredients that underpin expert positioning...implementing this can lead to an avalanche of new patients.    
  • We'll show you the Absolute Fastest Way to Make Videos That Build Trust, Authority and Expertise SO YOU CAN Finally Predictably Attract High Quality New Patients, Boost Referrals and Sky Rocket Your Retention.
  • We will completely demystify the tech side of video making.  You'll learn what equipment you MUST have, what should be on your wish list and what’s a total waste of money.  

Once in side the Community Influencer program we’ll introduce you to the 6 step blueprint for creating, scripting and distributing influence videos. This is like giving you the keys to the kingdom.  Whether it’s wanting to expand your  practice or develop a 6 or even 7 figure online business like we have with ADIO Media this blueprint will help you get there. 

Following the frameworks taught in this module will help you to effortless create endless amounts of high quality content (video, PDF, checklists, etc) that helps to position you as an expert and builds massive amounts of trust and authority with your audience.

Downloadable Templates/ Resources


Discover how to ethically implement the psychological principle that when employed will make your community much more likely to want to reach out to YOU and your practice.

In module 3 we'll introduce you to the 4 part community influence distribution system.

The 4 part community influence distribution system is the tactical roadmap to having your content appear EVERYWHERE.

This kind of omnipresence will help to build expertise and will make your community more more likely to want to reach to YOU.

The growth of the internet and social media has made it easer than ever for us to get our message in front of the right people.  

20 years ago advertising was expensive and non specific but right now, when you know how for as little as $1 a day we can put our content in-front of just the people who want and need what you have to offer.

Organic reach of social media is plummeting so we'll show you exactly how often and what you should be posting on the various social media platforms so youre not wasting your time.   We also reveals the hottest social media marketing opportunity that’s open to us at the moment.

  • You’ll learn why we should look at our marketing like dating
  • Discover the psychological principle that when employed will make your community much more likely to want to reach out to YOU and your practice.
  • We reveal best practices for organic reach on Facebook and Instagram
  • We'll dive deep into the Facebook/Instagram advertising platforms and we'll walk you step by step through our $2 a day community influencer traffic plan.

Imagine walking down your street and being recognised by complete strangers...when you implement the 4 part community influence distribution system this will be a regular occurrence!

Downloadable Templates/ Resources

4. The Invisible Patient Machine

Social media is fabulous at introducing us to new people and beginning the buyers journey of building trust and expertise but the fastest and best way to build relationships is over email.

The key to your digital marketing and community influence success in transitioning  your audience from social media to your email list and the best way to do that is with an irresistible opt in offer. 

In this module we'll show you the ingredients of an irresistible opt in offer. We'll share the one key factor that impacts the effectiveness of your opt in offer more than anything else…miss this out and you’re destined to fail.

We'll overview the technology stack needed to get an email address, deliver your content and automate your communication. 

  • Find out why most social media marketing campaigns fail and learn what to do instead.
  • Discover why building an email list is an essential component of a successful social media marketing campaign.
  • Find out what an opt in is and why it’s important and how to create/name and design an opt in that converts i.e attracts loads of patients.
  • We share our favourite technology/tools that are needed at each of the four key phases of the opt in offer.

The rubber hits the road in this module.  You'll discover why it's essential that you have control over your website and I'll reveal my favourite strategies for dealing with tech overwhelm.

Downloadable Templates/ Resources

5. Mastering Automation. Attracting Patients While You Sleep.

What if you really could automate your entire new patient attraction process, and literally have patients scheduling appointments while you slept at night? 

Well, thanks to modern marketing tools and a handful of strategically crafted emails this is not only's a breeze.

In this module we'll walk you through crafting the perfect welcome, nurture and engagement email series. 

You'll learn how to take someone on a journey from complete stranger all the way through to raving fan!

  • How to craft emails that your patients want to open and take action on
  • You'll learn to master the skills of heart centred influence.
  • Get access to our best subject line templates
  • Design tips checklists
  • The 9 word email that will help to fill your appointment book.  

Enrol Now and Get $988 of Additional Training Programs, Summits & Masterclasses FREE!

The Marketing Summit

Join 11 healthcare practice marketing experts as they reveal their secrets and remove the confusion and overwhelm so you can learn how to turn on the new patient tap. You'll be showered with the latest tips, tactics and strategies showing you how to position your practice  so patients naturally choose your first.

Value $247 Included with Community Influencer

The Social Media Summit

We interviewed 10 industry leading social media experts and asked them to help you remove the confusion and overwhelm. Stop wasting time and start attracting patients using social media!

Value $247 Included with Community Influencer

The All Star Summit

Never before has the allied health profession had access to such profound information in a format like this. You’re only 16 hours away from running/owning/having the world class practice that up until now you’ve only ever dreamed about. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Stand on the shoulders of these giants and fast track your success so you can be working in your world class practice so much sooner!

Value $247 Included with Community Influencer

The All Star Summit PART 2

After the success of the first All Star Summit we're back for more. We've Decided To Pull The Curtain Back Once Again As Another 7 Expert Coaches Come Together And Share Exactly What It Takes To Have A Truly World Class Practice.

Value $247 Included with Community Influencer

$988 worth of training programs included for FREE when you join Community Influencer!

Join Now: The Complete Digital Marketing And Community Influence Strategy For Natural Health Practitioners.

Email Marketing



Expert Positioning

Social Engagement


Website Optimisation

Goal Setting

1:1 coaching

Productivity Training

Content Marketing

Market Research

Just $147/mth AUD

Cancel Anytime...No Lock In Contracts

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


What People Are Saying About The Community Influencer Program.

"My advice is to invest in it."

Any practitioner who wishes to reach more people with their message can do so with this program. It is totally comprehensive, so no matter what your current level of tech expertise, you are shown all the necessary steps.

What I like most about this product is that Angus and Tony have obviously put great thought into how best they can help YOU benefit from THEIR experience. In other words, it’s amazingly user-friendly.

When you consider the potential financial return from being exposed to many new people, in a way dictated by you, with the message and brand you create, it is worth many thousands.

My advice is to invest in it."

Dr David Cahill  // Chiropractor

""I love what Tony and Angus are doing"...

My problem is TRUST! So not only finding someone that I can trust, who is genuine, but finding someone who understands chiropractic! The next issue is feeling that I am in CONTROL and not paying an absolute fortune for things that I have no idea what they mean!!

These guys got me making videos, editing and I now have the confidence to put videos on my new website. I didn't have that confidence until now.

I knew very well that videos were the way forward, but ADIO have helped me get the skills and their amazing level of support has helped to move our practice to the next level. Nothing is too much trouble for this team. A HUGE thank-you from the heart - I had been waiting for what you guys do for a while.

Dr Lisa Smyzc // Chiropractor

100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

The Community Influencer Program comes a 100% unconditional money back guarantee...but we won't stop there.  

By following the trainings inside the program we guarantee you will become a person of influence in your community, you will build massive amounts of good will, authority, expertise and trust.

You will increase new patient flow ( quality and quantity) and rapidly grow the traffic and engagement to your website and social media platforms.  

If in the first 30 days you aren't completely satisfied that the Community Influencer program hasn't transformed your practice just email us at or call us on +614 9646 1414 and speak to any of our staff and we'll give you a complete refund.

If you aren't completely satisfied we wouldn't feel right  keeping your money so we make it easy to get a refund.  And just to be clear, there are absolutely no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove and we promise we won't question you. 

And you won't have to wait either, we will issue any refund on the spot.  In fact, we're  so confident in our program and sure you'll be grateful for joining that we're making this promise...anyone who requests a refund will receive without question or hassle, double your money back.
Angus & Tony 

Co Founders Of ADIO Media

An Unparalleled Practice Expansion Resource 

Don't get left behind. Let us help you take the confusion and overwhelm out of digital marketing and community influence so you can bring your practice into the 21st century.

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Just $147mth AUD

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